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Manicure and Nail Care Services of the Highest Quality

Nothing projects refinement, elegance, and pride in one’s appearance quite like beautifully groomed nails and healthy, youthful-looking hands. At Hollywood Nails and Spa, we offer only the finest manicure and nail care services to our Fort Worth and Dallas, Texas-area clients. From simple nail restoration to microdermabrasion treatments for the hands, we offer a comprehensive range of treatments to rejuvenate the nails and hands. To ensure the most relaxing and refreshing experience possible, our manicures always include hand, arm, and shoulder massages, complete with either a hot or cold towel.

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Traditional Manicure

This quick fix is ideal for ladies and gentlemen on the go. We’ll start by trimming your nails, filing them into the shape that you desire, and then soaking them in warm water to soften your cuticles. Then we will gently trim your cuticles, further trim your nails, and file them into the shape that you desire. (French tips are extra.)


Standing in Lavender Fields

Hollywood’s Gentlemen’s Manicure

Our gentlemen’s manicure includes everything a gentleman needs for his nails. First, we will soak your nails in warm lavender oil and warm lavender cream to help ease your tension and soften your cuticles. We will then trim your cuticles and shape your nails. After this, we will apply the sugar scrub of your choice to your arms and hands to help remove dry skin, and then we will apply the cream of your choice to revitalize the skin. If you wish, we can also buff your nails to a natural shine.



Microderma-brasion Hand Treatment

We are pleased to offer microdermabrasion treatments designed especially for the hands. This intense, anti-aging hand treatment sloughs off unwanted dry or damaged skin cells, thereby reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This exciting new technique involves the manual application of micro-magnesium oxide crystals designed for deep exfoliation. Microdermabrasion hand treatments include a change of polish, cuticle treatment, reshaping of your nails, and a paraffin treatment to seal in moisture. Enzyme-rich creams will then be applied to moisturize your skin.


Mango Lassi

Exotic Mango Manicure

Take your hands to a tropical paradise! As part of this luxurious manicure, we'll start by trimming your nails, filing them into the shape that you want and soak them before trimming your cuticles. We will then apply our exotic mango sugar scrub to your hands to exfoliate your skin and stimulate your circulation. Finally, we will apply exotic mango cream to moisturize your skin. This manicure includes nail shaping and filing and cuticle treatment. (French tips are extra.)



Hollywood’s Organic Manicure

This refreshing manicure uses only organic products. We will begin by bathing your hands in organic lavender oil dissolved in warm organic lavender or orange cream, scattered with beautiful fresh flowers. We will then exfoliate your hands with an organic lavender sugar scrub followed by an organic lavender cream. The Organic Manicure includes cuticle treatment, reshaping of your nails, and the application of an organic nail polish of your choice. (French tips are extra.)



Hollywood Princess / Prince Spa Manicures

(For Children Age 11 and Younger)

For our younger clients, we soak those precious hands in organic orange ginger oil dissolved into warm water and, if desired, scattered with flowers of the day. We then trim and reshape the nails, push back the cuticles, and, in the case of the princesses, apply a nail polish of their choice.

Happy Princess/Prince Manicure – $18

In addition to a basic manicure, we apply gentle sugar scrub to exfoliate, mask with warm towels, cream to moisturize, and rose petals.

Royal Treatment Manicure – $23

In addition to the Happy Princess/Prince Manicure, we soak their little hands and arms in warm paraffin wax and relax their muscles with a warm volcanic stone massage.


Pink Apple

Apple Martini Manicure

This indulgent manicure begins with the soaking of your nails in a martini glass of our exclusive apple oil and warm apple cream. We will remove your cuticles, trim your nails, and file them into the shape you desire. We will remove the dead skin cells and restore the softness of your skin with our exclusive Apple Martini sugar scrub. We will relax your muscles with a hot stone massage on your hands, arms, and shoulders. Finally, we apply our proprietary apple cream to retain the moisture of your revitalized skin. (French tips are extra.)



Heavenly Hollywood Manicure

To revive your hard-working hands, we will begin with a delicious soak in freshly sliced oranges and ginger. We will then gently scrub your arms and hands with our exclusive organic orange sugar scrub to slough away rough skin. After this, we will wrap your hands in our specialty mask to seal in moisture and top it off with an organic orange rich cream massage. The Heavenly Hollywood Manicure includes cuticle treatment, reshaping of your nails, and the application of an organic or non-organic nail polish of your choice. (French tips are extra.)


Hand Composition


Enhancements for Manicures at Our Dallas / Fort Worth Day Spa

French Tips                                                                          add $5

Warm Paraffin Treatment                                                 add $7

Sugar Scrub (non-organic)                                               add $7

Mud Mask                                                                            add $10

Organic Sugar Scrub, Mask, Cream                               add $5

Cooling Aloe Vera / Cucumber Mask                             add $8

Shine Buff                                                                            add $5

Nail Art                                                                                 $5 and up

OPI Axxium or Shellac (in addition to a manicure)      $15

Manicured Nails
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