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Enhancements for Manicures at Our Dallas / Fort Worth Day Spa


Refresher Mini-Massage (20 minutes) – $25

This 20-minute back, neck, and shoulder massage will reinvigorate and revive your weary body and provide a well-deserved break from your busy routine. Treat yourself to a quick and lovely way to brighten your day.


Swedish Massage at Our Fort Worth Day Spa

This classic full-body massage promotes healthy circulation and deep relaxation through long, smooth massage strokes.


30 minutes   $35


60 minutes.  $59


90 minutes.  $87


120 minutes.  $115


Series of six 60-minute massages.  $325


Deep Tissue Massage

One of the most intensely therapeutic massages at our Fort Worth day spa, this massage targets specific muscles and connective tissues, working out knots and adhesion. This massage is not recommended for those who have never undergone a professional massage.


Relaxing Stone Massage

This is the ideal massage for those who find it difficult to relax. Smooth stones with deep penetrating heat are rubbed over the body to relieve tense muscles, sore joints, and overall stress.


Acupressure Chair Massage

This invigorating upper body massage is performed while you are seated in a specially designed chair and does not require the removal of any clothing. Special attention is paid to the neck, scalp, shoulders, upper and lower back, arms, and hands.


Hollywood Day Spa’s Massages

At our Fort Worth, Texas day spa, serving Dallas and surrounding communities, therapeutic massages can be customized to your specific needs and desires. We offer specialized sports, pregnancy, acupressure, Shiatsu, and aromatherapy massages, or you can create your own massage using any combination of techniques.


30 minutes $34


60 minutes $69


90 minutes $97

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